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Terms & Conditions

Below are our company terms and conditions. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


“Booking Confirmation” means the written confirmation of booking provided by WL in response to the submission of any Booking Form;

“Booking Form” means the booking form provided to a person for completion following provision by WL of a Quote for an Event;

“Event” means the event or occasion for which WL is engaged;

“Event Date” means the date of the Event;

“Fee” means the fee payable for WL’s services;

“T&Cs” means these terms and conditions;

“Quote” means a written quote for services provided by WL following submission by any person of a Quote Form;

“Quote Form” means the form downloadable at the Website for use when requiring a quote for services from WL;

“Quote Validity Period” means the period of 30 days from provision by WL of the Quote;

“Website” means the website relating to WL located at URL

“WL” means White Lime Pty Limited of 201 West Wilchard Rd, Castlereagh. 2749


(a) These T&Cs apply in respect of all users of the Website (to the extent applicable) and to all customers of WL.

(b) If any terms and conditions are included on or within the Quote Form or the Booking Confirmation, then to the extent such terms and conditions conflict with these T&Cs, the terms and conditions on the Quote Form or Booking Confirmation will take priority.

3. REQUESTING A QUOTE FOR SERVICES (a) Please feel free to call WL direct to discuss our services. If you want to request a quote for the provision of services, please complete a Quote Form, providing all relevant information, and submit it online via the Website or provide it by email to the email address provided on the Website. (b) If WL requires further information to provide a proper Quote, WL will call or otherwise contact you to obtain this information. WL will provide a written Quote to you within seven days of receipt of the Quote Form or (if applicable) additional required information. (c) The Quote is based on the information you have provided to WL, and may change if the information is incorrect or changes. WL is not bound by any Quote given unless the information on which the Quote is based remains accurate. (d) If you do not complete and submit your Booking Form (based on the Quote) within the Quote Validity Period, you will need to request a further Quote.

4. ENGAGING WL TO PROVIDE SERVICES (a) If you want WL to provide services as set out in any Quote, you must complete a Booking Form within the Quote Validity Period. If the Booking Form is submitted after that date, WL has the right in its discretion to provide a new Quote, which may be different from the initial quote given. If the new Quote is different, WL will use reasonable endeavours to explain why changes have been made. Any subsequent Quote supersedes the previous quote(s). (b) If WL requires any further information not contained within your Booking Form, WL will request this from you. (c) If WL accepts the booking as set out in the Booking Form, WL will provide a written Booking Confirmation within seven days of receipt of the Booking Form or (if applicable) additional required information. (d) Where applicable, the Booking Confirmation will detail prices which are estimates and/or subject to change (such as, but not limited to, prices for food which rely on fresh ingredients). In such circumstances you acknowledge and accept that the actual price charged may differ from the estimate provided. WL will notify you in advance if the difference in price will be greater than 10% of the original estimate, and, subject to the remainder of these T&Cs, where possible and requested by you WL will suggest possible changes or substitutions in the relevant goods and/or services. (f) The Fee will include all costs related to the provision of the Services, including provision of catering and ingredients, unless otherwise notified to you by WL. (e) In order to engage WL you must provide 50% of the total Fee stated in the Booking Confirmation. Payment may be made by cheque, money order, EFT or paypal, and must be received in cleared funds by no later than one month before the Event, unless otherwise agreed by WL. (f) A further 30% of the total Fee must be received in cleared funds by WL by no later than one week prior to the Event Date. (g) WL will advise you in writing of any changes in price estimates within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Event. (h) The balance of the Fee, including any additional sums due as a result of price changes to estimates, is payable within four business days of the Event Date.

5. PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT (a) WL’s provision of services pursuant to the Booking Form and Confirmation shall in each instance be subject to the availability of the customer’s choice of venue, location, food and other arrangements. (b) WL’s provision of services will be subject to interference encountered by WL from any third party providing services to the customer in respect of the Event. (c) WL may in its absolute discretion agree (or reject) any changes to arrangements requested by the customer following confirmation of booking. (d) The customer is responsible for the behaviour of the customer, staff or contractors not provided by WL, guests, invitees and all other third parties in respect of the Event, including in respect of WL’s services, equipment or other items utilised for the Event, use of the venue. (e) The customer is liable for any loss and/or damage suffered by WL, its officers, staff and representatives, and for any loss and/or damage suffered by the venue or in respect of equipment or other materials provided in respect of the Event, and for loss and/or damage suffered by any entity in relation to the Event, unless (and to the extent) such loss or damage is actually caused by WL, its officers, staff or representatives. (f) WL reserves the right to substitute ingredients where necessary in the provision of catering, provided that the nature of the dish is not materially altered and provided that WL will use reasonable endeavours to notify the customer of the same. (g) The customer is liable for informing WL of any food or other allergies suffered by any person or for which WL is expected to cater, as part of the information contained on the Booking Form. Such notification shall be in writing where indicated on the Booking Form. WL has no liability in this regard save where WL has provided food in contradiction of the customer’s direction.

6. CANCELLATION OF BOOKING (a) Cancellation prior to the date which is one month before the Event will not incur any fee payable by the customer to WL. (b) If the customer cancels: (i) within the period which is one month prior to the Event the customer shall be liable for and shall immediately pay to WL (to the extent not previously received) 50% of the total Fee, unless otherwise agreed by WL in writing; and (ii) seven days or within seven days before the Event, the customer shall be liable for and shall immediately pay to WL (to the extent not previously received) 100% of the total Fee, unless otherwise agreed by WL in writing. (c) In each instance of cancellation by the customer the customer shall reimburse any third party costs incurred by WL on the customer’s authority. (d) WL will use best efforts not to cancel a booking, although WL shall be entitled to cancel in its discretion in circumstances where the customer has not paid sums due to WL on time or WL believes the customer may fail to pay any such sums, or if WL has reasonable concerns as to the nature of the Event and/or activities to be held at the Event. (e) WL’s maximum liability to the customer in respect of any breach by WL of its agreement with a customer shall be limited to an amount equivalent to the total fee payable to WL pursuant to such agreement. To the extent permitted by law, any liability of WL under any statutory or implied condition or warranty, which cannot legally be excluded, is limited to: (i) in the case of goods, the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; the repair of goods; the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and (ii) in the case of services, supplying the services again; or paying the cost of having the services supplied again.

7. GENERAL (a) WL shall be entitled to take photographs and/or audiovisual footage of an Event solely to the extent required to showcase WL’s services, and solely for promotional purposes in respect of WL’s business. (b) The parties shall keep the terms of any booking confidential, and shall only disclose such terms with the prior written consent of the other. WL shall be entitled to disclose terms to its staff or representatives as necessary to provide the services. In the event that any information known to be confidential becomes known about one party by the other party (or their respective representatives) such recipient party shall keep such information confidential. All information relating to WL’s business practices is deemed confidential save to the extent in the public domain. (c) WL owns the copyright in any quotes, proposals, plans, menus, information and/or materials created by or on WL’s behalf relating to any Event. For the avoidance of doubt WL shall (notwithstanding (b) above) provide sample menus to potential customers on a non-exclusive basis.