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Canapé / Cocktail

So your looking for a finger food style menu, but would like the food a little more gourmet? Select some of these delicious cocktail food items, for a sure way to impress!

Choices from below:

Pacific oysters wrapped in smoked salmon finished w'caper & pepper dressing

Baby coz, Crispy Bacon and Chicken with Aoli served in a bamboo boat

Turkish chicken fillet skewers marinated in garlic& lemon juice served with home made taziki.     

Fresh bbq tiger prawn skewer served w' lemon wasabi

Marinated lamb back strap, warm rock salad w' pine nut pesto served freshly baked crouton

Chilli lemon crab with Singapore noodles served in noodle box

Seared atlantic salmon with sweet soy and caramelised lime served on chop

stick skewer

Shredded madras (beef or chicken) with baby silver beet and aioli served on pita toasted pita bread    

Warm chicken and sage pastries finished w' tomato provencal sauce

Smoked Atlantic Salmon with Dill and Caper Salsa

Rare Sirloin with Dijon Mustard and Watercress

Spiced Eggplant Relish with Marinated Fetta

Ratatouille with Parmesan and Tomato Coulis

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