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Morning & Afternoon Tea
Choose from one of our tempting morning and afternoon tea packages .
All packages come with added Tea and Percolated Coffee station
Fruit - Healthy morning teaThe Simple Package
  • An assortment of cakes and slices    
  • Fresh seasonal Fruit Platter

The Medium Package
  • Banana bread with Butter 
  • An assortment of cakes and slices  
  • A Selection of Homemade Muffins   
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter 

The Substantial Package
  • A variety of gourmet mini quiches   
  • Homemade scones with fresh whipped cream and a selection of Jams   
  • An assortment ofcakes and slices 
  • Photo Courtesy of Rococo Photographies             A Selection of Homemade Muffins
  •                                                          Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter  
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