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Mains Menu
Whether your planning your wedding or hosting a corporate dinner, we have an array of sophisticated meals that will satisfy everyone.
 Please Choose from the following:
  • Rib Eye with sage mash served with marinated roma tomatoes 
  • Chicken Supreme fillet with Brie & avocado served with sweet potato mash & watercress  
  • Lamb fillet served with chat potatoes sauté button mushrooms & Veal Jus   
  • Centre cut Atlantic salmon served with steamed potatoes & hollandaise sauce & baby spinach   
  • Sealed then oven roasted Atlantic salmon ‘w’ lemon pepper crust   
  • Roast leg of lamb studded ‘w’ Garlic & Rosemary  

  • Seared then roasted beef sirloin ‘w’ sage & parsley crust served medium rare 
  • BBQ marinated whole chicken filled ‘w’ Dijon & thyme stuffing   

  • Turkish Style Roast Lamb seasoned ‘w’ Tomato, Sea Salt & Lemon   
  • Southern American style chicken seasoned 'w’ sea salt, pepper & blended bread crumbs (Cooked in rotisserie oven)   
  • Peppered beef sirloin, lightly coated in fresh cracked pepper& freshly picked herbs  
  •  Roast duck ‘w’ honey mustards stuffing seasoned ‘w’ sea salt & bourbon 
  • Oven baked turkey served ‘w’ fresh cranberries   
  • Baked seasoned chicken ‘w’ a herb crust   
  • Roast pork fillet served ‘w’ crackle & apple sauce  
  • Char grilled lamb skewers ‘w’ aioli   
  • Roast marinated chicken ‘w’ garlic & lemon   
  • Baby spinach & sun dried tomato vegetable lasagna (V) 
  • Penne pasta ‘w’ rich tomato & chive sauce served ‘w’ Parmesan & pine nut (V)

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